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Canon Cockin Street
Named in honour of Canon William Cockin. He was the Rector of Bishopwearmouth from 1864 until 1883. Canon Cockin was elected on Sunderland School Board in 1871.
It is positioned between St Leonard Street and Corporation Road Postcode : Sr2 and is still here in 2011.

Bramwell Street
Christopher Bramwell was a local landowner and led a family of wine importers. He named Henry and Addison Street after his two children. The mother of William Branwell Ferguson was married to Dr. John Ferguson thus the name of Ferguson Street. Bramwell Street ( Road ) is where you can find St Ignatius Rectory. Postcode: SR2 8BY

D,Arcy Hedworth and South Durham Court D'Arcy Street , Hedworth Square and Terrace.
As the Lambton family were the landowners in this area may streets that were built on there land were given names connected to the Lambtons. The son of John George Lambton born in 1833 was D'Arcy. Hedworth was the name of John Georges brother. 
In 1828 John George Lambton was given the title of Baron Durham , 5 years later to 1st Earl of Durham. Whilst we may not be aware of his connection to these streets this is the same person for which Penshaw Monument was built.

Old Fawcett Street

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