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Prior to 1830 market  traders would sell there live produce from places such as the High Street in unhygienic coditions. The market would was a much safer hygienic alternative venue but wasnt used to its full capacity because a small fee was charged to the traders. After the cholera plague of 1932 traders were forced to use it after a bye-law was passed banning open air markets in the Borough of Sunderland. It was originally known as the new market until Jackie Whites Market took the title when it opened in the town centre.

Tom Downey recalls when living in the East End as a young lad the four recessed posts at the High Street entrance. This was where the old punishment stocks were erected.

"When you went into the market through the Coronation Street entrance, the colourful roundabout with its musical accompaniment was the first thing you saw. It gave the impression of going into a fairground. The roundabout and hit the goalie stall were run by Jimmy Stores".

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